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Posted on 07/02/2018, 22:23



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The apartment is very large, located within a resort, is 800m from the sea. However it is temporary, in fact we stop there, mainly during working periods or when there is someone who wants to come and stay with us, even if for a while. Currently there are me Melo, Domenico and my brother Angelo with Ilaria his partner: except the two respective bedrooms, ours and theirs, all the other rooms are common, we will not compete for the bathroom, do not worry! every room has its own bathroom. We host you in the living room with bunk bed, bathroom, kitchen and balcony connecting, pc with wi-fi and in the other half of the house there is a living room equipped with TV and "decoder sky", with a shared balcony to the room of Angy and Ila. In the resort there is a fenced parking area where you can leave your car safely. The main reason for this invitation to join us is that, We are looking for people who want to support us in this project even with the company of a short period. Step by step we are restoring an old farmhouse in neglect for almost 70 years, that only in the last two years with the help of friends, relatives, friends of friends and volunteers we managed to reopen to the public. Now with the help of these online platforms we are managing to find people with whom to start home made work, rainwater recovery, restoration of old wells, fences, fixtures, hardware and so on ... So the work it's a lot and a hand is always welcome! We are also open to new ideas and proposals, once inside you can vent your creativity. In spring and summer, we can accommodate you directly in our future farm, we provide camping tent and sleeping bags!

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